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Oil Boiler Service

I service all makes and models of pressure-jet oil fired appliances, including oil combi boilers, condensing and non-condensing boilers.

Included in all my services:

  • Thorough combustion chamber and baffle cleaning.
  • Clean and test all components of the pressure jet burner, including replacing your pressure-jet nozzle.
  • Check and clean all filters along oil line.
  • Check for water contamination in your oil tank.
  • Clean and test the condense trap and secondary heat exchanger (if applicable).
  • A complete flue gas analysis and efficiency test.
  • A CD11 Certificate for your records.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an oil boiler service?

Easy! Call or text me on 07860 626737, E-mail me on, or complete an enquiry form on this website. We will then discuss what dates and times are most suitable for you and get you booked in!

Why should I have my boiler serviced?

  • Safety – checking of flue gases including a room carbon monoxide test.
  • Efficiency – 1mm of soot on the baffles can reduce your boilers efficiency by 10%.
  • Longevity – servicing your boiler reduces the chance of unnecessary expensive breakdowns and ensures that your boiler has the longest life possible.

When is the best time to service my boiler?

I would recommend summer – late summer. If your boiler has not been used all summer it is a good opportunity to sort out any issues before the cold weather starts. Winter times are very busy and services are normally booked in advance, with possible waiting times of 2-4 weeks.

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