11th May 2017

Water contamination causing big problems in Maidstone

A customer in Maidstone has 3 oil boilers on site, and all 3 “locked out” at the same time. A lock out generally means a problem along the fuel line, but for all 3 boilers to go down at the same time I had an incline that the issue was at the fuel tank. I tested the tank for water contamination and found a good 4-5 inches of water at the bottom of the tank.

Water is heavier than oil, so over time will start to enter the fuel line and start rusting the inside of oil pumps & causing lock outs. The water was removed (8 buckets in total!) and fuel cleaned out, the next day all 3 oil pumps on the boilers had seized. I changed and set up all 3 pumps within a couple of hours and all 3 boilers are now working.