10th May 2017

Clogged up baffles near Lenham in Kent

There is a certain model of oil boiler that is designed so that you have to undo nearly everything to access the combustion chamber baffles – and when you do access them they are notoriously difficult to get out.

With this in mind it is sad to say that some engineers do not clean these baffles. A customer near Lenham in Kent, notified me of their boiler refiring every 5 to 10 seconds Рleading me to believe the photocell was not detecting light from the burner. On arrival I found the photocell dirty and the baffles completely solid with soot deposits. After a while I managed to finally get all 6 baffles out, cleaned and put back. 

The boiler then re-fired no problem and all combustion levels were completely normal. The customer then informed me that that is the first time he’d seen the baffles taken out since the boiler had been installed 5 years ago.